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Ingramatic - Thread Forming Technologies
Thread Forming Technologies

Ingramatic - Thread Forming Technology

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Ingramatic provides a complete range of machines for the high resistance threadrolling of screws, bolts and special parts with or without washer assembly device, as well as a constant support to your choice of the most appropriate solutions to your objectives.

Ingramatic has over 40 years experience in the production of machines, with over 3000 threadrolling machines installed throughout the world! .

The threadrolling machines provide specific solutions which make them particularly suitable for the high resistance machining of screws and bolts after heat treatment. Their modular structure also allows the installation of additional devices, such as the assembly unit for one or two washers and the pointing unit.

The warehouse ensures a prompt supply of spare-parts.

Forming Solutions ( UK ) Ltd are the UK and Ireland agents for Ingramatic.

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